PURPLE CROSS is a brand rooted for all individuals living to be the best version of themselves through God's everyday favor.  Our simple motto is "LIVE BLESSED" ALWAYS IN ALL WAYS.

     PURPLE CROSS offers high quality fashionable clothing and accessories for men, women, and children. Our gear is intentionally made with those in mind who love to express their humble gratitude to God for the blessings gifted to them throughout each and every phase of their life. No matter gender, race, sexuality, economic status, family situations, political affiliations, failures, or successes we are all gifted in the eyes of God. We have all been blessed in our own ways, but those blessings are ONLY there when we choose to recognize God's work in our lives and truly live a blessed lifestyle.


   At Purple Cross WE CHOOSE TO "LIVE BLESSED".  Do you?  If so, then you are ROYALTY and a member of the Purple Cross family. Wear your reverence proudly.


     The cross has been a long-standing hallmark for millions to show reverence for God’s ultimate gift in blessing the world with the divine human savior, Jesus Christ. In biblical times, purple was a color that was a high quality expensive dye produced by the Phoenicians.  Due to the color’s high value in those times, purple signified royalty and prestige. It was usually worn by kings and queens. Before the crucifixion of Jesus, it was said that the soldiers of Pontius Pilot wrapped Jesus in a purple robe and garments as an opportunity to mock him and his followers for believing he was a king. What worshipers of Christ would learn through his resurrection in the days following his crucifixion was that Jesus was in fact the King of Kings and his bloodshed was a pardon for all mankind. His human representation of God here on earth has been an everlasting example for mankind to live by. He demonstrated to always give effort in becoming the best version of our individual self in order to shine our own distinct light on the world.

     Jesus taught us that we are all royalty in the eyes of GOD. The Purple Cross is a badge for those who desire to represent their faith and gratitude for the blessing of their royal lineage passed on to us by Christ.  An extraordinary symbol for those who choose in all circumstances of everyday life to always LIVE BLESSED.