With home schooling in full effect for so many parents now in this new normal we live in with COVID-19, I found myself intrigued by a poem my daughter had to analyze. Don't fret, not going to go into poetry here. However, it focused on how when we are kids we only care about what is in front of us, not what is around us and how invincible we feel we are. It made me realize how much we learn from being infants all the way to death. It is like a lifetime supply of puzzles.

The facet of our personal puzzle is how it is made up of small puzzles we must complete before moving on to the challenge of the larger puzzles. In many ways it is really no different than the age specific piece quantity puzzles we find in stores. They are made age specific so that you have the ability to complete it armed only with the present knowledge you have, but with the capability to learn from it. Tell me God isn't a mastermind of all things!!! This is exactly how he sets up all the puzzles we encounter in our life. Just as the days when we are toddlers and children we count on a parent or elder to assist us with those store bought puzzles, God wants us to have that same faith that he is there to assist us with our own life puzzles.

When you look at all the achievements, milestones, hardships, grief, sadness, happiness, mistakes, love, friendships, mentors, and stories of faith you and I have encountered in our lives and start looking at it as a puzzle that God created specifically for you to piece together, it is truly another fascinating gift God has given us. If this wasn't incredible enough, the giant puzzle that is your life that you have been piecing together since being conceived is a small piece of the massive puzzle in the universe according to God's plan.

I challenge you to really look at the puzzle that is your life. Reflect on the smaller puzzles that helped you graduate to the bigger puzzles you have completed and the ones you are still working on. Contemplate how these puzzles have made you the beautiful intricacy you are. Embrace each of your own exclusive puzzles with excitement like you did when you received a store bought puzzle as a child.

Puzzles can be fun, challenging, overwhelming, and quite often frustrating. However, there is nothing quite like the feeling you get knowing you conquered over a puzzle. After the enjoyment of that triumph wears off, this is God telling you that you are ready for your next puzzle. Take it on with pride and excitement with the faith you know God is there to help you with it and the rewards it will bring upon completion, but also strength in knowing it has prepared you for the next puzzle in your life.

For God's sake and your own, BE PUZZLED!!! Remember, he is moving you closer to him through them.

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